July 17-18th / New York CityJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Tool or Toy? Experimenting with the Internet of Things

Steve Persch

Steve Persch

Jul 18 16:15pm

Many developers use Lego metaphors to describe their work. Drupal modules, WordPress plugins, and npm packages all get compared to bricks stacking together. For the metaphor to work, developers need to know how the pieces fit together. That's easier said than done when the popular pieces keep changing.

Internet architecture is moving away from monoliths and toward microservices. JSON APIs, edge computing, distributed systems, and modern JavaScript can overwhelm developers who built their careers on LAMP stack monoliths. Legos, Arduinos, and toy robots can help.

Before your job requires you to build with new tools for paying clients, toy with them for your own benefit. This presentation will cover ways developers can play with the Internet of Things including:

  • Using consumer-oriented products like Hue lights.

  • Programming with IoT frameworks and devices like LittleBits.

  • Learning JavaScript through robotics

  • Experimenting with distributed systems

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July 17-18th / New York City
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019