July 17-18th / New York CityJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice

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GraphQL and JSON:API in the wild


Mike Minecki

Jul 17 14:45pm

Out of the myriad of API design standards two are top of mind these days: GraphQL and JSON:API. We at Four Kitchens have a had the unique experience of running both side by side for an API serving millions of requests per day powering one of the nation’s leading media companies apps, devices and websites. In this presentation we'll explain:

  • A quick intro to each standard

  • What we learning about the two standards running side by side

  • How our infrastructure evolved to run both

  • Real world war stories of what it was like to build both at scale

  • Feedback from teams who used the both APIs to build their front ends

  • Finally pros and cons of each standard based on experience

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July 17-18th / New York City
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019