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Announcing Emulsify 5: A Design System Using Gatsby and Storybook

Evan Willhite

Evan Willhite

Four Kitchens
Jul 18 13:45pm

With over 50,000 downloads, Emulsify has been an important tool both internally at Four Kitchens and in the Drupal community, helping to drive the component-driven development movement forward. We are extremely proud to announce version 5, an exciting new direction that can finally help deliver a truly flexible design system regardless of technology. High points include:

  • Custom and flexible style guide driven by Gatsby

  • Storybook-powered pattern library

  • Full support for React and Twig out of the box

  • Full support for parent/child/sibling organizations (e.g., Yale/Yale School of Business)

This talk will go into detail about the background and technical details of this exciting release and where it is in the development process. This talk is for anyone interested in building style guide-driven projects using any technology, particularly React and Drupal.

For some additional context, Brad Frost, the creator of Pattern Lab, describes the difference between a style guide and a pattern library best when he calls them the workshop and the storefront. The workshop (pattern library) unifies the production team, but the storefront (style guide) is essential to unifying the organization. If the content team, the marketing team, stakeholders and everyone else invested in the project do not have clear, easily digested/updated visibility into the design system, long-term adoption is inherently at risk. This project uses a modern toolset to deliver both the workshop and the storefront in a powerful and customizable way.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting announcement and learn how Emulsify can help on your projects!

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July 17-18th / New York City
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
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